Literary Work


“It’s in Everything” and “Thursday Night in Winter, Los Angeles, 1994,” Arcadia Magazine, Fall 2016.

Guidelines for Submission,” Manifest Station, Summer 2016.

What lives there, where the sun ducks down, where I’ve never been? Another world swims and dips and bubbles in a language I don’t understand. There must be land in new colors and people with hair like mine and air that smells of plants that have never seen me. What adventures can I find, as good as a trip to the moon? What peace can be heard over that round rim?

“Out Too Far,” Crab Creek Review, Winter 2015.

(On) Leaving and Returning,” 5×5, Spring 2014.

The Critics,” Shenandoah, Winter 2014.

I sat low in the passenger seat of my mother’s white Saab sedan which regularly overheated, my body hardly four and a half feet, my heart racing like the car through L.A. traffic.

“Going to Court,” 34th Parrallel, Issue 24, Fall 2013.

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