For this project, our team created a loop on in-store computer screens for the new London flagship location of Microsoft Store. The purpose was to explain how to find and buy a product not in the physical store. The images below show an early iteration from our animation designer with rough copy ideas discussed around the table, notes on the early iteration delivered the old fashioned way, and a final version with cleaner copy and fewer UIs.

land that page

Improving Microsoft’s physical store landing page has been an ongoing process, and in the last iteration, we implemented an information hierarchy from top to bottom and left to right, lightened page weight and improved SEO, reduced exit rate and boosted click through and appointments, created a mobile friendly design, among other improvements. Below, you’ll see the old page on the left compared to the improved on the right.


Rational Interaction, a Seattle-based digital ad agency. Samples available upon request.

Who Was Bob Marley? published by Penguin Random House.

Blogging, research, and whitepapers (available upon request) for Atigeo Corporation.

Blog Writer and Editor for Content26.

Blog for twoXAR. More from www.andrewradin.com available upon request.

Marketing copy for The House on Blackberry Hill and The Problem with Promises.

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