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Creative Lead and Writer

Winter 2022/23

What we did

I’m excitedly serving as Creative Lead for Incite Health, a healthcare start up. Our first product is CNSDose, an at-home DNA kit that helps determine the most effective medicines for different mental health needs, particularly anxiety and depression.

I wrote and worked with an incredible team at AKQA Melbourne to launch the new site this winter. Have a look at clips from the CNSDose product page below or visit the site.

2022 / AI conversations


2021 – 2022

What we did

I built conversations and personalities for AI humanoids at an internal creative agency. Here you can talk to “Norma” about Australian car insurance policies. I also worked on a nurse to calm kids while receiving an IV, a cookie coach for Nestle, a guide through new electric vehicles at GM, and other fun stuff.

interviewing with the new yorker

I recently made it to the final round of consideration for the The New Yorker’s UX team. Below is my response to their writing exercise questions, which I created in Miro.

fuseproject content strategy

As UX writer and content strategist, I helped develop the brand story for a telehealth dermatology clinic for POC. This included translating the story into a landing page and customer sign up process.

I&Co ux/ui for AN aI chatbot

I joined the incredible team at I&Co to help strategize, build, and write UX and copy for a global financial firm’s chatbot.

microsoft customer voice

This startup-style team needed a strategic editor’s eye on the soup-to-nuts revamp of this Dynamics 365 platform, transforming it from a survey tool to a data-rich, full-service marketing platform with analytics on everything from NPS to CSAT to customer sentiment. As senior content designer, I worked with core designers, lead engineers, content design managers, stakeholders, researchers, and long-time customers to consider and guide structure, placement, copy, animation, and more. The real challenge was balancing alignment with other Dynamics 365 products and clarity for the user.

writing a book is content strategy

Who Was Bob Marley? published by Penguin Random House was part of the New York Times best-selling series, and showcases the careful wording and edits required to tell this icon’s complex story for children ages 8 -11.

A book is a product with a user experience.

On my own book, I’ve created content inventories, story boarded, consulted with my “creative team” (trusted writers, editors, and publishers), and worked through many iterations of the story to get it just right.

With a draft done, it’s time for, yes, more iterations and data collection which I’ll use to understand where the book belongs in the market. This means research into genre, analysis of sales trends, expanding social media presence, and making my work more visible online.

Take a look at the story boarding process while on retreat, as well as a small fraction of the spreadsheet organizing the leaps in time and place.

microsoft store landing page

In the last iteration of edits to Microsoft’s physical store landing page, I worked with our UX designer to create an information hierarchy prioritizing user hot spots searched/clicked based on Clicktale data. This redesign not only boosted click through and appointments, but also lightened page weight, improved SEO, reduced exit rate, and made the site mobile-friendly.

Take a look at the old page versus the latest iteration.

Microsoft store london flagship loop

Our creative team was asked to make an interactive loop for a few specific UIs at the new London flagship. The loop made it easy to find/buy a product not available in the store.

These captures show how my content ideas combined with our animator’s skills made each design work harder when backend devs couldn’t. We have three steps playing on four screens, rather than a screen for each of the many steps. Copy is also shorter and clearer.


Rational Interaction, a Seattle-based digital ad agency. Social, banner ads, landing pages, ebooks available upon request.

Historical copy written for Seattle Farm in Rainier Beach.

Blog Writer and Editor for Content26.

Ghostwritten blog for twoXAR. See below. More samples available upon request.

Marketing copy for The House on Blackberry Hill and The Problem with Promises.

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