Behind the Scenes: Fall 2015 Writing Workshop Prep

I'm in New York for much of June with one of the best people in the whole world and we're cooking up a special treat just for you, dear readers. We spent some time in McNally Jackson Books last night for inspiration and a few treats... ... and this morning we drank iced coffee, ate … Continue reading Behind the Scenes: Fall 2015 Writing Workshop Prep

Spring Writing Workshop Reflections and Praise

These workshops are getting sweeter and sweeter. This time around, it was all about play. There was collaging, found prose and poems, and we even used dreams and this special book as writing prompts. In four three-hour sessions, these writers produced one complete first draft and/or up to four beginnings for new stories and essays. They … Continue reading Spring Writing Workshop Reflections and Praise

Spring Writing Workshop: Collage Makes An Awesome Writing Prompt

When Barthelme said "collage is... one of the central principles of literature [in this century]", he was talking about collaging sentences and/or found writing. But I figured, why not make visual collage work for writers? In this season's writing workshop, the number one thing my students want is freedom from their demons. They want to steer away from the monsters … Continue reading Spring Writing Workshop: Collage Makes An Awesome Writing Prompt

Spring Creative Writing Workshop

I'm so excited about the crew that's gathering for this class. There's a wide variety of writing experience and there is going to be some incredible feedback around the table. Here's the poster. Send me a message if you want in!

Shop Talk

My dear friend and talented writer, Rebecca Brooks, asked me to participate in a blog hop, and I was glad to jump in. Below are the questions, a bio for Rebecca and two more of my impressive writer friends, Chelsia Rice and Carolyn Silveira (their bios can be found below), who I'm tagging to keep … Continue reading Shop Talk

Fall Creative Nonfiction Workshop

This semester's workshop was a complete success. With the help of Lucy Holtsnider, our writers and artists created beautiful books of their own. The covers are cloudy transparent pages over collages made in class. The concept for the collage was inspiration for a piece of writing and the design was expertly guided by Lucy. The … Continue reading Fall Creative Nonfiction Workshop

What I Wish I Knew After My MFA Ended

I can get down with most of what Sara has to say here, except for the don’t get published part. And a few other things. But mostly, awesome.

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

A guest post from Sara Finnerty:

420-Jacquelyn-Mitchard-splits-limbo-looking-back.imgcache.rev1308082218874In the years after I got my MFA I was a miserable mess. I felt like a failure as a writer and a human being. I still feel that way sometimes, but now I try and fail and try again and I know that does not mean I am a failure, it only means I am a person like everyone else. If I could, here are some things I would tell my self six years ago when I was finishing graduate school.

1)   Don’t even try to get published. There are some people in your class who will stop writing altogether. There are some who will only tangentially write. You will never stop writing, but don’t try to publish right now because your writing is still borderline terrible. Yes, you have an MFA but an MFA does not give you the heart, the will, the…

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