Fall’s Writing Craft Workshop is Here

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This is the one you’ve been waiting for.

You know where your stories need to go, but you don’t know how to get them there. You have a couple of tools in your back pocket for when you’re stuck, but the more you write, the more your tricks just don’t measure up anymore. You’ve been thinking, “Should I just get an MFA?”

Carolyn and I have been there.

So we went ahead and got MFAs from two different programs. We also have 30 collected years of personal and professional writing and publishing experience and 15 years of friendship between us. We’ve created the class you’re looking for and we can’t wait to share some of the best secrets we’ve learned with you. It’s gonna rock.

Hop on over to our class page to learn more details. If you like what you see, add your email to our list. This will give you access to the special offers, discounts, and treats we’re serving up for early birds.

Registration opens next week, so you have a some time to send us questions, special requests, or flowers. We always love flowers. In the meantime, we’re fine-tuning material to make this the best craft workshop you’ve ever taken. We’ll also be tailoring the class to you, our students, as we go.

So get your writing where you want it.

Get excited with us.

Sign up here.

What Happens in Hillsborough, NH… Gets Posted on the Internet: Planning the Fall Writing Workshop

collaboration, creativity, fall 2015, writing classes, writing craft, writing workshop

So I reported a few weeks ago that myself and the lovely Carolyn Silveira were splitting town for Hillsborough, New Hampshire to raise a few glasses of beer, put our feet up, and fire up creativity and lesson planning for this Fall’s creative writing workshop. I’m happy to report we accomplished all of that, and we went hard. There were laughs and creatures of all sorts, hikes and fireworks, berries and libations, and we got down to work.

Here is the beautiful desk and incredible library we had to work from:


…some of our messy notes shared from either end of the table and taken, of course, in marker:

unnamed-1 unnamed







And scenes from the adventures that inspired us:

2015-06-21 18.28.442015-06-21 18.09.33 HDR

2015-06-21 17.35.312015-06-20 18.25.13








This week, we’re nailing down our syllabus, picking out just the right online format so you get the most out of our class, and setting dates. More oh so soon….