• Spring Creative Writing Workshop

    I’m so excited about the crew that’s gathering for this class. There’s a wide variety of writing experience and there is going to be some incredible feedback around the table. Here’s the poster. Send me a message if you want in!

  • Shop Talk

    My dear friend and talented writer, Rebecca Brooks, asked me to participate in a blog hop, and I was glad to jump in. Below are the questions, a bio for Rebecca and two more of my impressive writer friends, Chelsia Rice and Carolyn Silveira (their bios can be found below), who I’m tagging to keep…

  • Fall Creative Nonfiction Workshop

    This semester’s workshop was a complete success. With the help of Lucy Holtsnider, our writers and artists created beautiful books of their own. The covers are cloudy transparent pages over collages made in class. The concept for the collage was inspiration for a piece of writing and the design was expertly guided by Lucy. The…

    Fall Creative Nonfiction Workshop

  • What I Wish I Knew After My MFA Ended

    Originally posted on BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog: A guest post from Sara Finnerty: In the years after I got my MFA I was a miserable mess. I felt like a failure as a writer and a human being. I still feel that way sometimes, but now I try and fail and try again and I…

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