It’s all here!

Fall Workshop Inspiration and Discounts Are Here!

We’ve been talking all week with our early subscribers about their writing desires and how this Fall’s Writing Workshop in Craft can get them where they want to be with their craft.

Today, our first of six emails was sent out, filled to the brim with inspiration, writing prompts, and curated readings for the folks who already know how much this class is going to rock. And we want to share it with more of you!

Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to subscribe for absolutely free writing help and access to discounts we’re only offering to those who sign up.

But! There is one discount we can tell you about…

The full price of the class for 6 weeks of structured craft lessons, individual feedback, and special treats that will expand your knowledge of writing craft and get you pumped: $360. But until August 18, Carolyn and I are offering a


So if you know you want in, get it while it’s hot. Register here!

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